Gender Gap – corporate West Vs. the third world

The gender gap – alive and unjustifiable. Statistics released by the United Nations Development Programme show Norway topping the index, with Yemen ranked the worst.


A result of Europe’s efforts to close the gap? Or rather, evidence of deep-seated cultural differences?

Nordic countries provide the greatest equality for women when it comes to economics, education, politics and health. Equal pay, labour force participation rates, literacy rates, enrolment in tertiary education, female representation in parliament, life expectancy and sex ratios at birth are almost equal in Norway, Finland and Sweden.

Top 5 countries ranking most unequal

1. Yemen
2. Chad
3. Niger
4. Mali
5. Congo

By starting young and giving girls resources, they get more than just money and economic opportunity. Research shows that ownership of assets can have strong social and psychological impacts as well. And that is what girls need: more power over their lives, a new ownership over their futures, protection from inevitable shocks or pressures, and hope where none may have existed.


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