Converting Care to Action – The A21 Campaign and IWDA

Heart In Hand are determined to show continual support for The IWDA and A21 Campaign, in generating awareness of – and planning action to reduce – the struggles of gender inequality in third world nations. Both campaigns have made a tremendous positive impact on a broad scope of human rights challenges, helping sufferers of discrimination worldwide.


The International Women’s Development Agency (IWDA) – an Australian agency dedicated to identifying key drivers of good gender practice, as well as challenges for this. The agency works to secure the safety of women across Asia and the Pacific, as well as equal access to health and education.

Suzi Chinnery, IWDA Pacific Senior Program Manager talks to Rose about her personal journey.
“In 2009 I was involved in a nationwide study on domestic violence. When we started to disseminate the findings, talking about why women can’t leave [their partners], and the impact of this on children, it made me wonder about the future. Where are we headed if we continue at this rate? I believe in having women in leadership and decision-making. We come from cultures where women don’t raise their voices. You keep quiet even though things are pinching you. But the fact is – it’s not only affecting your family, it’s affecting the nation.”


The A21 Campaign seeks to prevent trafficking of youth through education of victims and suppliers of the human slave trade. A21 protects those who have been trafficked by building shelters and transition homes; A21 also works with local law enforcement, service providers and community members to prosecute traffickers and strengthen the legal response to human trafficking. The A21 campaign takes both general donations and monthly partnerships – here’s the great work the campaign is currently undertaking:

Stop individuals from becoming victims of human trafficking by providing awareness, education to the next generation, and interupting the demand.
Education: Create education curriculum to educate potential victims of human trafficking in schools, orphanages, and universities. Young people are equipped with information and strategies to avoid becoming victims.
Awareness: Raise awareness about human trafficking within community groups, churches, and universities globally through the A21 Prevention and Awareness Program and the ShineHope human trafficking prevention program.

Protect survivors of human trafficking by providing a safe environment and by running restoration programs in our aftercare facilities.

Rescue: Offer support to local law enforcement, FBI, and other governmental agencies in the areas of training, investigations, and data collection through our human trafficking hotlines.

Restoration: See survivors restored physically and emotionally. Provide education, vocational training, and repartriation assistance to equip them for a new and independent future.

Prosecute traffickers, provide survivors with legal council, and strengthen the legal response to human trafficking.

Enforcement: Provide access to legal council to the survivors in our care and offer representation for those victims who undertake criminal proceedings to prosecute traffickers.
Legislation: Guide changes to legislation that will provide a more comprehensive suit of laws and ensure traffickers are held accountable for their crimes.

Partner with fundraising supporters, governmental agencies, and community members to see injustice abolished.
Supporters: Unite with abolitionists who desire to make a difference and provide training, education materials, and programs to be outworked in communities through A-Teams. Work together with monthly financial supporters who provide sustainable income so we are able to plan new prevention initiatives and assist more victims of human trafficking.
Partners: Collaborate and share information with law enforcement, government agencies, and local service providers to ensure the needs of human trafficking survivors are met.


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