The Girl Effect

Ethiopia has made important progress in ending child marriage in the past five years. Still, 63% of Ethiopian girls are married by the age of 18 – where they don’t have a strong voice within their communities and are generally not recognised as sources of knowledge or solutions.

Following are infographics provided by The Girl Effect , on child marriage worldwide.

When we include girls in education, health and economic investment we have a better chance of preventing issues such as child marriage, teen pregnancy, HIV/AIDS and breaking the inter-generational cycle of poverty. But girls can’t do it alone; they need the world to listen to them and invest in their potential.

The Girl Effect was created by the Nike Foundation in collaboration with the NoVo Foundation, United Nations Foundation and Coalition for Adolescent Girls. The project is focused on leveraging the unique potential of adolescent girls to end poverty for themselves, their families, their communities, their countries and the world; making girls visible and changing their social and economic dynamics by providing them with specific, powerful and relevant resources.

Get in touch with the work currently in action by The Girl Effect at


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